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Tiedonantaja festival 2017 held in Tampere

This years Tiedonantaja festival is held on Oct 7 at The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas in Tampere. Under the same roof we will gather discussions on media, politics and activism. This is an event not to be missed, as it is the premier gathering for alternative media, radical left and modern artists in Tampere.

Tiedonantaja festival assembles researchers, politicians, artists and citizen activists to find alternative ways out of Europes crisis, our one-sided media, and the lack of choice in politics. Our programme includes a wealth of discussions, art and workshops.

Tiedonantaja festival is a press festival built around the newspaper Tiedonantaja, in Central European fashion. The festival is held every other year, each time at a different location in Finland.

Tiedonantaja festival program

In 2017 the festival is held at The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas. All discussions during the event are free and open to everyone.


Alternatives to Fake Media


  • Tampere-based blogger, media critic and Joukkovoima-activist Wilma Karikko
  • Freelance reporter Ari Sardar
  • Tiedonantaja editor-in-chief Marko Korvela

Language: Finnish.

The Dilemma of Radical Peace Religion, Politics and Populism


  • Aini Linjakumpu, docent, University of Lapland
  • Lorenzo Battisti, reporter, Marx21, Italy
  • JP Väisänen, chairman of the Communist Party of Finland (SKP)

Leading the discussion is Liisa Taskinen. Language: Finnish and English.

Fighting Old Power with New Culture


  • Annamaija Saarela, Feminist Party
  • Santeri Pienimäki, Animal Justice Party of Finland
  • Petra Packalén, general secretary of the Communist Party of Finland (SKP)

Leading the discussion is Marko Niemi. Language: Finnish.


The employees shrinking piece of the pie?


  • Anne Nyman (PAM)
  • Petri Lahtinen (Metalli)
  • Kati Jetsu (Tehy)

Leading the discussion is nanny Mervi Grönfors. Language: Finnish.

Europe at a crossroads which way forward for the left?


Brexit, populism, the debt crisis, migration, austerity. In the public discourse only two points of view are presented: that of the neoliberal mainstream and that of populist xenophobia. But what is the answer of the workers’ movement to these questions?

This discussion panel organized by the Democratic Civic Association (DSL) gives the floor to political researchers and activists and lets them envision alternatives to a Europe of border fences and big capital. Instead of a brexit or a fixit, is a Lexit possible – a break from neoliberal EU structures based on leftism and solidarity?

The panel will be joined by Idar Helle, a Norwegian member of the international Lexit network and a researcher of workers’ history, Antti Ronkainen, a researcher and freelance journalist with a critical eye towards EU economic and monetary policies, and Tiina Sandberg, a political activist of the European Left Party.

The discussion is facilitated by Sippo Kähmi, a citizen activist and organization secretary for DSL. The languages of the panel are English and Finnish.

Healthcare reform, for better or worse?


  • Yrjö Hakanen, reporter, Helsinki
  • Pauli Schadrin, city council member SKP, Nokia
  • Sinikka Torkkola, city council member Vas., Tampere
  • Tuija Sinilahti, practical nurse, Turku
  • Jari Heinonen, researcher, Tampere

Leading the discussion is Riitta Tynjä from Jyväskylä. Language: Finnish.


Art in struggle the role of art and artists in mass demonstrations and peoples struggles


The contemporary times are calling us on the streets. In the past few years there has been numerous demonstrations in the public space in Helsinki and other Finnish cities. In best cases, people have gathered massively for labour struggles, against the governments austerity measures, against deportations of refugees, against racism. What is the role of art in peoples movements? Is the struggle in art to be fought first and foremost within the specific field of art, or should artists put those particularities aside in times like ours and rather do their share as humans? How can artists, highly educated bohemians jumping between social classes, credibly solidarize with exploited blue-collar workers? Can artists do something useful for the no borders -movements? What kind of knowledge and skills can artists bring to anticapitalist and antiracist struggles?

Panelists: Riikka Theresa Innanen, Karolina Kucia, Airi Triisberg, Martta Tuomaala

Moderation: Minna Henriksson

Debate in English.

Antifascist workshop


How to build an antifascist campaign? A workshop organized by the Communist Youth League. Language: Finnish.


Commie streamer meetup


We invite all comrades interested in streaming and creating YouTube videos to showcase their ideas and videos, and to plan new projects together. People just wanting to support such activities are also welcome. Language: Finnish

Towards a founding of a Finnish chapter in the Lexit Network


An in-depth introduction of the international Lexit network and its goals.

Discussion on the possibility of forming a local Finnish chapter of Lexit.

Presented by Idar Helle, Norwegian member of the Lexit Network. Facilitated by Sippo Kähmi. Languages: English and Finnish.

Musical programme

Syrian Jan Jwan Kurimi will perform music during the day in Werstas