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Programme of debates 2015

Tiedonantaja Festival – Questioning, Understanding, Resisting
See you in Jyväskylä 17 Oct 2015!

The Tiedonantaja Festival is all about diverse political debate and discussion. Here is the programme of debates confirmed so far.

The festival also includes a mixed programme of other events:

We are arranging reasonably priced transport to the festival from all-over the country.

Breaking with media freedom?

12.00 – Reaktori

In many countries the media is restricted by the state, but regulation and control methods are far more varied. Is the Western media really all that free? Tiedonanta’s editor in chief Marko Korvela will be interviewing Gavin MacFadyen, director of the London-based Centre for Investigative Journalism

Gavin MacFadyen

Gavin MacFadyen

Organised by Tiedonantaja and the Democratic Civic Association

Ms. Europe – where to we go from here?

15.30 – Reaktori

The European crisis is getting worse. Democracy is under attack in Greece and refugee rights are being trampled on. Racism is on the move. What are the alternatives to this dire situation? Where can we find them?
Discussing these issues will be Maite Mola, vice-chairperson of the Party of the European Left, Juha-Pekka Väisänen chairperson of the Communist Party of Finland and Tarja Tapio vice-chairperson of the Left Alliance of Lapland.


Kuva Maite Molasta

Maite Mola

Organised in collaboration with the Party of the European Left.

The trade union movement – what now?

10.00 – Protoni

Kati Jetsu, shop steward and board member of the Union of Health and Social Care Professionals in Finland, will be in discussion with Perti Lahtinen of Metalli-Seiska. Pauli Schadrin will be in the chair.


A million pensioners – how to cope with everyday life?

10.00 – Molekyyli

Debating the state of pensions and services for Finland’s million retirees.

Senior researcher Seppo Ruotsalainen in discussion with Kaija Kiessling, chairperson of the Turku advisory board on elderly care, and Pälvi Uusitalo activist for the pensioners’ housing allowance petition and pensioner. Jorma Muhonen, chairperson of the Jyväskylä branch of Pensioners will give the reply.


The many sides of gender – the rights of trans people in Finland and Europe

12.00 – Isotooppi

The discussion will feature Thomas Knecht of the Queer network of the German Communist Party, Amanda Majasaari, a trans woman from Jyväskylä, and Petri Janhunen of SETA Jyväskylä.

Satu Simonen and Anni Kivistö of the LGBTQ network of the Party of the European Left will lead the discussion.


Thomas Knecht

Thomas Knecht

Organised by the LGBTQ network of the Party of the European Left, the Democratic Civic Association and SETA Jyväskylä.

Are right-wingers stupid or just plain nasty?

12.00 – Protoni

The activities of private companies and right-wing politics in general usually strike left-wingers as short-sighted and immoral. What is it that makes people pursue right-wing agendas? Come and listen and join in the debate.

Keynote speakers: Keijo Lakkala, Marxist philosopher, Green Party, and
Minna Mentula, Bachelor of Management, Young Communist League

Organised by the YCL and the Democratic Civic Association


What kind of Finland do we want?

14.00 – Molekyyli

In what ways is Finland becoming militarised and has and is being pushed into a military alliance?

How can we ensure our neutrality and active peace policy amidst the accelerating struggle over finite non-renewable natural resources?

The discussion will feature former MP Jyrki Yrttiaho, psychologist Pirkko Turpeinen-Saari and civil society activist Hannu Hyvönen.

Organised by Tiedonantaja, and the ‘For Our Country’ group in collaboration with the Democratic Civic Association.


Problems with the EU – when are we getting out?

14.00 – Protoni

Arjo Suonperä, chairperson of the Alternative to the EU Information Centre, will speak on the EU’s role in advocacy and lobbying on behalf of capital.

Arto Viitaniemi, chairperson of the Communist Party of Finland’s will present the Party’s Plan B, for a way out of the EU and the Euro.


Marx’s topicality – a discussion about Capital

15.00 – Isotooppi

Olli-Pekka Moisio, Jyväskylä University, Doctoral researcher and secretary of the karl Marx Society Paula Rauhala, training researcher Matti Vesa Volanen from Jyväskylä and author of a collection of essays on the contemport relevance of Marx’s Capital Yrjö Hakanen.  And naturally copies of Capital in Finnish will be on sale!

Organised by the Democratic Civic Association, Tiedonantaja, the Party of the European Left and Jyväskylä Civic College.